Vitaquin Hydroquinone Cream



Vitaquin Hydroquinone Cream

VITAQUIN Hydroquinone 5 cream is a face cream containing hydroquinone. This cream  is used to whiten the face and remove acne scars, spots, and other blackish colors on the face.

This cream whitens the skin of the face by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the conversion of tyrosine into dihydroksifenilalanin so that melanin production is reduced and the skin tissue formed becomes brighter.

Can I use hydroquinone every day? Yes, it is safe to use hydroquinone daily. To achieve the best results, the cream should be applied two times a day to the affected area for six months.

About cream

  • General Indications: Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Category: Skin
  • Composition: Hydroquinone 5%
  • Dose: Apply 1 x a day
  • Usage: apply on the face
  • Packaging: Box, Tube @ 15 grams
  • Manufacturing: SDM

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