Melanox Forte 4 Cream



Melanox Forte 4 Cream

MELANOX FORTE 4% CREAM is a topical preparation in the form of cream containing Hydroquinone USP 4% in vanishing cream base containing AHA (Glycolic acid). Hydroquinone inhibits enzymatic oxidation of 3- (3, 4-dihydroxyphenyl) alanine and suppresses the metabolic processes of melanocytes.

Therefore the drug is intended for the treatment of hyperpigmentation in the form of black spots, black stains due to melanin that can arise due to the development of age, due to the state after inflammation, or because of the use of anti-pregnant pills.

About Melanox Forte 4 Cream

  • Category: Skin
  • Composition: Hydroquinone USP 4 %
  • Dose: Apply once a day at night, use a sun protection cream during the day.
  • Usage: Apply on the desired skin the presence of bleaching. Melanox Forte is only worn at night before going to bed after the skin is cleaned first with cleansing creams/ lotions.
  • Packaging: Box, Tube @ 15 grams
  • Contra Indications: Patients with a history of excessive sensitivity to Hydroquinon or one of the base components of the cream.
  • Manufacturer : SDM

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