Bioquin Forte Hydroquinone 15



Bioquin Forte Hydroquinone 15

Bioquin Forte Hydroquinone is a topical preparation (applied to the skin) containing hydroquinone. Bioquins are used to treat hyperpigmentation that occurs in the skin. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of parts of the skin that commonly occur after inflammation, such as acne scars, scars, or brown spots due to exposure to sunlight.Overcoming hyperpigmentation of the skin.

About Bioquin Forte Hydroquinone 15

  • Category: skin
  • Composition: Hydroquinone
  • Dose: Apply Cream 1-2 x per day.
  • Usage: Applied thinly
  • Packaging: Tube 15 g
  • Manufacturer: Ikapharmindo

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