Bioquin Hydroquinone Cream 20



Bioquin hydroquinone Cream 20

Bioquin hydroquinone Cream used to reduce skin hyperpigmentation. Bioquin cream contains Hydroquinone, which reduces the occurrence of hyperpigmentation by disrupting the tyrosine-melanin system.

The following is complete information bioquin cream drugs accompanied by links of other drug brands with the same generic name.

Hydroquinone, a tyrosinase inhibitor, in a 4% cream can be used safely twice daily for up to 6 months to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Hydroquinone has also frequently been misused. It must not be used as an all-over skin lightening treatment and such procedures should be avoided.

After much research, dermatologists have concluded that, in low concentrations, hydroquinone is safe to use and can produce some excellent results.

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